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Nondues Revenue in Pandemic Times:

The power of passive revenue streams

While creating new products and events are stalwarts of association revenue, it is also useful to have revenue streams that take less work to maintain. In this final piece in our nondues revenue series, I look at how associations can use revenue share and affinity programs to bolster their finances.

Alan DeYoung, executive director of the Wisconsin EMS Association, has a small staff—just three people—and members who don't earn a lot and wouldn't renew if the organization had regular dues increases. So, DeYoung spends his time thinking about ways to generate revenue that are easy for a small staff.

“I feel like Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants sometimes,” DeYoung said. “I see money everywhere because we can’t charge very much for our membership dues. The majority of our revenue comes from nondues-related things.”

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