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Millennials Like Their Jobs

However, forty-six say they plan to job hunt in the next 12 months

Snigdha Sur runs the media company The Juggernaut, which she started in 2019. She appreciates the autonomy to solve problems on her own and is passionate about diversifying media, though she admits it's hard to fundraise. The 31-year-old New York City resident now has more than 120 freelancers and overall loves what she does.

She's among the 60 percent of Millennials who find great meaning and purpose in their jobs, making them the largest demographic to feel this sense of fulfillment, according to a new survey by GoodHire, the background check technology company.

That's in contrast with Gen Xers' 51 percent, Baby Boomers' 44 percent and Gen Z's 41 percent.

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