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CBO Delivers Surprisingly Good News to Democrats on Build Back Better

The CBO released its score of the BBB

It's the Washington equivalent of a new Beyoncé album dropping: The Congressional Budget Office just released its “score” of the latest version of the Build Back Better bill. The House hopes to pass the bill Thursday night, and centrist Democrats may have been waiting to hear a bad deficit score to cut back or kill the bill.

But it turned out that the CBO score looks quite good for the BBB. It found that the bill will increase the deficit, but within a margin that should permit an important principle to kick in: While we should take the CBO’s analysis into account, we should also remember that there's always a good bit of uncertainty in its projections.

Let's first review what CBO found. Taking into account the various provisions, the CBO estimated that in total, the BBB would increase the deficit by $367 billion over 10 years.

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