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How to Keep Work Notifications From Taking Over Your Life

Teach your devices to respect your boundaries

Thanks to global events events that have affected just about everyone on the planet, a lot of us are now working from home some—if not all—of the week. This has definite benefits, unless you really, really enjoy your commute, but it also makes it harder to maintain boundaries between work and everything else.

We're talking specifically about notifications outside of office hours, whatever those happen to be. Think emails from the boss or mentions in the company Slack channel or incoming edits on files: If you keep alerts for these types of events on around the clock, you're never going to escape your job.

At best, you're going to find your leisure and relaxation time interrupted by distracting pings; at worst, they're going to pull you into completing a task or following up on a job that can wait until tomorrow (or after the weekend.) If you're not getting notifications, you don't know what you're missing—in the best possible way. Here's how to set it up.

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