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NRA's Revamped Program Aims for Healthier Kids’ Menus

The updated program puts fries on the back burner

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) recently unveiled a major update to its Kids LiveWell initiative that makes it easier for caregivers and children to choose more healthful meals when dining out.

It's no secret the restaurant industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. However, despite all the challenges, there are some upward trends. A mid-year report projects restaurant and foodservice industry sales for 2021 will be $789 billion, up 19.7 percent from 2020. Those indications of a gradually diminishing pandemic mean tabled programs, like Kids LiveWell, which initially launched in 2011, can be revitalized.

The association took the opportunity to revamp the program and bring it back up to modern, nutrition science standards. "You have to put your mission with your vision, develop the program, put it out there, and adjust over time," said Jeff Clark, the group's expert exchange director.

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