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Mental Health Tips for Holiday Season II of COVID-19

A week off the clock should retain your regular work week’s flexibility

We're coming up on that time of year that is traditionally one of the most stressful, but this year will have a twist: Holiday Season 2021 will be the first time that many families gather together since before the recent global health crisis.

For business leaders and workers across industries, it’s true that companies have made strides in addressing mental health gaps, but long-term mental health must remain a priority through the rest of the year. The team behind the website Healthline conducted a 2016 survey, around mental health, and they found that over 60 percent of all respondents felt some stress during the holiday season. So, it's very likely that you or even your normally tenacious colleagues and friends will be feeling the pressure more than usual over the next couple of months.

Planning strategically for the holidays, both at work and in personal matters, with mindfulness toward protecting long-term mental health goals is one helpful approach. Here are some behavioral health-backed tips on how everyone, including leaders, can manage the stress of the season, get work done and prioritize yourself, too.

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