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Ways to Comprehensively Integrate DE&I Organization-wide

The initiative requires targeted focus

Plenty of organizations have diversity, equity and inclusion in their scopes pointing inward on their staff, but not focusing on their volunteer boards and speakers, trainers and others who interact with the association’s constituents. Without a specialized focus on these areas, it will be difficult to implement DE&I change effectively and meaningfully.

The American Bankers Association is proud that McKinsey & Company’s annual Women in the Workplace report ranked the financial industry fourth for women in executive and board positions. But, as the report states, despite the gains that women have made in 2020, “The state of women hangs in the balance.”

Bridge the Gap to Success

When Naomi Mercer came onboard as senior vice president of diversity, equity, and inclusion for ABA two years ago, she breathed new life into the existing Women’ Leadership Forum, which resulted in the current Women’s Leadership Initiative. The program is now run by three ABA staff members, including Lauren Dwyer, vice president of executive education and CEO programs, and there are plans to add another full-time person to build year-round programming to help bridge the gap for women in banking.

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