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Thanksgiving COVID Tips for Meals That Include Unvaccinated Guests

Big gatherings can feel nerve-wracking

Thanksgiving is around the corner. And for many of us, it is a welcome respite — a chance to get back to pre-pandemic routines and practices and connect with loved ones. Staying home feels so ... 2020.

But big get-togethers can still feel nerve-wracking, especially if you know some folks around the table this year will be unvaccinated. So, what is the risk, really, of a “mixed” Thanksgiving get-together?

As a scientist and physician, I think about risk in gradations of gray. Before any get-together, I ask myself: What’s my risk of being exposed to SARS-CoV2? What’s my risk of catching it? And if I do catch it, what’s my chance of getting really sick?

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