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More Art, Please

How the restorative power of art can transform meetings

As planners begin to embrace the future of meetings, there’s a wide variety of data that underscores aspirations for channeling new sources of inspiration and engagement. A substantial body of research supports the idea that making and viewing art can reduce stress levels and serve as a powerful activity to stimulate the brain.

For meeting planners, an art break can serve as an opportunity for socializing while engaging attendees in ways that help them cut through mental clutter to generate new ideas—ultimately benefiting the organization’s bottom line.

“What I learned is that by engaging my hands in the process of art making, I am able to stop working and stop checking emails, and disengage both physically and mentally,” said Cindy Dach, an artist who owns and operates the MADE Art Boutique and art space in Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row Arts District, as well as two bookstores, called Changing Hands. “It’s not just the peace of mind that I feel when I’m actually doing the art, but also the fact that it actually gives me permission to stop working. And the only way I can be successful at my work is if I step away from it from time to time.”

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