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Nine Ways a Peer Group Can Benefit Leaders

Access to a circle of high-level colleagues can help leaders grow

Effective leaders make a point of continually growing in both character and competency and working to maximize their effectiveness. They are high in self-awareness, understanding their strengths and weaknesses. They establish personal goals for growth and work towards achieving those goals.

One effective tool for growth is participation in a peer group. A strong peer group can help a leader recognize areas for growth and achieve goals. A peer group can be effective in overcoming some of the hurdles that a leader might face in going at it alone in the growth struggle.

The most effective peer group is small, perhaps committed business leaders with a range of experience, expertise and personalities. The group need not include any competitors or any other source of conflict of interest. The members must all be trustworthy and able to hold confidential all of what the group shares. The most important ingredient is the desire and willingness to have a positive impact on each other’s lives. 

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