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Fight the Great Resignation: Stop a Leadership Void Before It Starts

Be aware of why people leave

In the midst of The Great Resignation, associations might be focused on the immediate talent void. But this era of mass job evacuation also puts an organization’s leadership pipeline at risk—jeopardizing a pillar of organizational strength and a valuable tool for succession planning. In fact, it’s people between ages 30 and 45, who are leading resignations.

What are associations to do? To start, try to learn what your longer-term employees are hoping to get out of their careers, said Mary Ellen Brennan, an HR expert and principal of MEBrennan Consulting.

“I think first that they can try to understand what the issues are for their people—where are they going, what do they think they’re going to achieve when they leave—and trying to see if they could make some of that happen within the organization,” she said.

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