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Alexas are Changing Their Names Because of Amazon’s Voice Assistant

The popularity of the name has plummeted in recent years

When Erim Corado gave birth to her first child, she wanted a name to honor her boyfriend Alexis Morales, Jr., who died of a gunshot wound a few months before their daughter arrived in 1993. So, Corado chose Alexa Jade Morales, hoping to give her daughter a piece of the father she would never know.

Alexa Morales wore her name proudly. But after Amazon launched its voice service, also called Alexa, in November 2014, people began speaking to Morales differently. She said they made jokes about her name, giving her commands or asking her questions in a robotic tone.

"When I hear my name now, it's not good thoughts, it's like, tensing," said Morales, 28, a pharmacy technician and student in Bridgeport, Conn.

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