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Say No to Your Boss (Without Saying No)

How to handle a tricky situation without coming off like a slacker

Saying 'no' should be easy, but for such a small word, it carries a lot of baggage. People are programmed to please, and everyone is looking for acceptance and affiliation. Because we are so focused on being liked, "we say 'no' much less frequently than we should," said Martin Moore, a leadership performance expert and cofounder of the company Your CEO Mentor.

When you're getting many overwhelming tasks dumped on you, there are some steps you can take to let your boss know it's too much without being insubordinate, fearing you will lose your job, or seeming like you're not a team player. Even better? You don't have to actually say no. "The word should never pass your lips," he said.

Here are three tips.

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