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The Art of Brand Strategy and How to Get it Right

Discover components of brand strategy to build and improve your brand’s equity

Throughout our brand equity thought leadership series we’ve looked at what it is, why and how to measure it, how to build powerful brand associations and alter consumers’ perceptions, why emotion should underpin all that a brand does, along with the role of media and brand touchpoints in driving effectiveness. This amalgam of musings laid out the red carpet for brand strategy. This final article examines just how close brand strategy is to a marketer’s heart and reveals five strategic components that will build and/or improve your brand’s equity. But remember one thing: the end of this series doesn’t signal the termination of our journey; our hunt for brand equity truths continues, and we remain committed to sharing them as they come to light.

It’s good news: marketing is reclaimed as a key driver of business

Marketers have added a noticeable swagger to their step. After months of cutting back on marketing, the discipline has bounced back and repositioned itself centre stage of the business. Marketing spending growth has returned to historic levels with the projected growth promising to smash the last decade’s trends. It is therefore unsurprising that marketers feel their job has increased in importance. Though the striking truths emerging from the same CMO survey results are that brand remains their primary focus and that building brand value is now perceived as their most important objective.

The challenge? Never in their careers have marketers experienced a consumer change of this magnitude and such nuanced, disorderly and complex newly formed consumer journeys.

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