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The Documents Groups Are Using to Ease the Transition to In-person Gatherings

Here are a few strategies organizations are using

In February 2020, few meeting planners were thinking about things like tracking proof of vaccination. But as associations tiptoe back into face-to-face gatherings, planners are having to address questions about policies that will make the return safe for all. Read on for a few approaches organizations are using to firm up their policies ahead of their in-person meetings.

Duty of Care Statements

Some associations are creating a duty of care statement, which lays out an association’s legal obligations to members.This policy approach is formal in nature, and clearly defines what an association will do for its members.

One example of this kind of document comes from the American Association of Airport Executives, which built a duty of care statement for its July 2021 annual meeting.The statement breaks down AAAE’s plan to ensure the organization will do what it can to take care of attendees, while making it clear that this responsibility is shared with attendees.

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