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Apply Transcendent Leadership Principles to Improve Workplace Culture

This creates an environment of highly productive staff

Employee expectations have changed dramatically since the pandemic. Staff have started to focus more on their quality of life and a big part of this consideration involves their work life. This new focus has created a challenge for leaders to retain and engage their existing employees, attract great talent, and create teams that work well together. While there are many tactics and tools that you can implement to create cohesive teams, it all starts with creating and maintaining a culture of compassionate and transcendent leaders.

The commitment to transcendent leadership creates an environment of highly productive staff who need minimal supervision. It will also help tackle current and future challenges as our culture and technology tools change.

The Tenets of Transcendent Leadership

Transcendent leaders rise above the limits of the "ego self," moving into "higher self." They triumph over limitations and leap beyond what might be considered acceptable or possible. They are intentional about practicing these six components of transcendent leadership.

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