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Professional Membership Tip: Engaging Students Early Boosts a Career Pipeline

Dec. 9, 2021

Recognizing that the certified public accountant pipeline is facing significant challenges in the coming years, the Indiana CPA Society proactively tapped a younger group—high school students—to build an earlier awareness of the profession and lay the groundwork for increasing the ranks of CPAs.

In 2020, INCPAS started CPA Week, a presentation series for high school students where they hear from association volunteers about what it really means to be a CPA in an easy-to-understand way, deconstructing stereotypes that it might be a boring, or all math-related profession.

“It’s really helping those high school students see that a career as a CPA is an opportunity to give back to your community, produce meaningful work, and be a business leader,” said INCPAS President and CEO Courtney Kincaid, CAE.

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