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Poll Finds 'Sustainable Media' And 'Decarbonized Ads' Are Becoming A Thing

Consumers want greener ad options

While only 14 percent of consumers say they have explicitly taken an action related to a brand due to the sustainability of the media they use and/or the carbon impact of their advertising, a new report from Dentsu International and Microsoft Advertising indicates "sustainable media" will increasingly become a major factor for consumers, brands, government and the ad industry at large.

The report, "The Rise Of Sustainable Media," is drawn from a study of more than 24,000 adults fielded in August by Opinion, and the findings show a rising concern among consumers about the role brands and media play in climate change and the sustainability of the planet.

One of the overall top-line findings is that 59 percent of consumers say they plan to begin boycotting brands that don't take action on climate change.

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