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How to Guard Against Smishing Attacks on Your Phone

'Smishing' is an attempt to collect logins with a malicious text message

Among the many threats to your internet security is "smishing," in which bad actors try to steal your data or money through a text message that attempts to trick you into following a link you shouldn't or revealing personal details or login information that should be kept private.

The attack takes its name from phishing emails that "fish" for a response that leaves you vulnerable to various threats, but here the dangerous message arrives via SMS, direct to your phone, which might make you more likely to fall for the scam.

The damaging effects of smishing attacks can be serious and varied, whether they involve someone gaining access to your bank accounts or taking over your social media accounts. But if you know the warning signs to look out for and the preventative steps to take, you can avoid getting victimized.

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