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Today's Events Require Communication Efforts That Put Safety First

Properly communicating can inform attendees, reduce negative feedback

If recent gatherings are any indication of future trends, events are alive and kicking. As event organizers begin planning for 2022 and pandemic mitigations continue as new variants come into play, messaging about events is taking an even greater role. Communication can allay attendee fears about the event and get ahead of their concerns over COVID-19 policies, such as vaccine mandates.

What’s being shared is just as important as how it’s delivered: People want to know organizers have onsite safety protocols in place without having anxiety-inducing reminders of the pandemic serving as the face of the event.

Message, tone, and branding will shape effective promotion and affect attendance and exhibits. While it is important to feature policies and guidelines, safety messages should be balanced and not necessarily be the focus of every communication.

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