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Maybe, It's a Predicament Rather Than a Crisis

A mindset of crisis thinking tends to demand an immediate solution

In 1990, North Face founder Doug Tompkins had a predicament, though others called it a crisis.

He’d just sold his shares in his second company and his second enormous business success, Esprit, and had begun to turn his attention to the environmental crisis. Tompkins saw the rapid erosion of natural lands worldwide and the seismic shifts beginning to show cracks that would become the climate crisis we know today.

Tompkins took action, giving large sums to environmental groups already busy fighting the environmental crisis using well-worn techniques. Quickly, however, Tompkins could see that the known ways weren’t working. The main reason, he concluded, was because those he was supporting were approaching the challenge as a crisis. Tompkins recognized the situation instead as a predicament.

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