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Five Creative Virtual Fundraising Ideas

It’s important to consider how to best fundraise in an online environment

Associations often relied on their annual meetings and other signature fundraising events like awards dinners and golf tournaments to raise money, but as we all know too well, the pandemic upended these in-person gatherings. This has led associations to look to increasingly creative ways to generate the revenue they need in a virtual environment.

But to improve the success of these events, it’s important to make them as appealing as possible. Here are five creative ideas for fun virtual fundraising events.

Game night. Just about everybody loves playing Scrabble, Monopoly and other board games. Everybody can get involved and have fun and, depending on the game, people of all ages can take part. You can play over a video call, with one device’s camera aimed at the game board so everyone can see it on their screen at all times. Ask people to pay a small entrance fee to participate and make a competition out of it. You can also consider something a little more niche like Dungeons & Dragons, chess or bridge, and your game night may become a regular occasion.

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