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Professional Membership Tip: A Year in Review

Dec. 16, 2021

Tapping into a vast pool of membership expertise yielded a lot of excellent tips in 2021. As always, associations came through with resilience and looked out for one another—and their members. It wasn’t easy, but the value of community and a member-focused approach helped everyone make it through another tough year.

Welcome Aboard!

Despite some sincere hopes videoconferencing would become a thing of the past, that did not happen in 2021. However, the United Fresh Produce Association found an upside to the platform. The group created a series of recorded member orientation webinars featuring members talking about their journey.

Here’s the kicker: The group chose members who had not previously seen the value of the association, but who ended up having a transformative experience. It made a big difference to hear their stories, according to Miriam Wolk, CAE, vice president of member services at United Fresh. And it gave rise to a whole new generation of members.

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