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Three Ideas for New Deputy Chief Executives to Measure Their Success

Continued growth requires continuous feedback

So, your CEO has hired or promoted you, and you're a newly minted deputy executive. Congratulations! Whether your new business card says chief operating officer, chief information officer, or something else, at some point down the line, you'll probably find yourself asking: "How will I know if I'm growing in this role?"

The answer to that question might have felt more straightforward when you were leading a specific business vertical. If your department's budget, team morale and KPIs were improving over time, these were reasonable indicators you were also growing as a specialized leader, tactician and team builder.

However, as a member of the executive team, your new domain is fundamentally global and requires global skills. Your priorities are now focused on organizational indicators such as metrics that are indicative of broad team efforts. Some of these metrics may be used by the board of directors to evaluate the CEO's performance, which includes their selection and leadership of your executive team.

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