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Five Things Emotionally Intelligent Managers Do Differently

Understand how your your employees’ well-being is shaped

Future successful managers will be described not as efficient or agile, but as something less expected: emotional. By this, I mean these managers will show more empathy toward workers and their needs, both inside and outside the office setting.

As attrition and burnout continue to climb, it’s clear that employees won’t hesitate to quit their jobs in search of healthier work environments. In recent surveys, 7 out of 10 employees said they would be willing to leave their current role for one that better supports their well-being.

Managers play a crucial role in whether or not an employee feels supported. And while a lot has been written about larger gestures that help teams combat burnout⁠ (for instance, offering an extra week of vacation or sponsoring online therapy services⁠) employee well-being is equally shaped by moments that might seem much smaller at first glance.

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