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Human Connection Plays Pivotal Role in Workplace Culture

Build a culture that focuses on creativity, communication and connection

The future of work landed in our laps in early 2020. As talent development leaders pored through the list of skills to make teams future-ready, they suddenly realized the time to not only build these skills, but practice and live them, is now.

With an estimated 65 percent of the workforce seeking new employment, skills that enhance culture may be more than merely a nice-to-have, they could be the key driver to retain top talent. As high growth companies navigate their future workplace structures, talent leaders have a unique opportunity to enable innovation, while authentically building human connection.

Many future-of-work competencies have been part of talent development's curriculum well before the global pandemic. We have navigated VUCA, our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, for at least a decade. Talent teams have absorbed rapid technology transformation, integrated artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, synthesized the disparate needs of our multigenerational workforce and curated career development paths to attract and retain scarce talent.

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