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C|Net Reviews Best Mesh Routers for 2021

A good mesh router will spread fast, reliable internet speeds through your facility

The past couple of years have made it clear that having a dependable Wi-Fi network at home is essential -- especially if you're working or learning from home, gaming online with friends or calling loved ones for regular video chats. In cases like that, you might've noticed that the signal from your router isn't as strong as you'd like it to be in some parts of your house. Those wireless signals can only travel so far on their own before your speeds drop off, especially if you're connecting multiple devices and your home's layout and construction are creating obstructions that those signals struggle to penetrate.

This is where a mesh network comes in. With multiple devices spread throughout your home, a good mesh router is more like a team of routers that can relay your wireless signal back to the modem better than a stand-alone traditional router, especially when you're connecting at range.

With the right system quarterbacking your connection, you could enjoy total wireless coverage and speeds that are about as fast as your network is capable of throughout the majority, or entirety, of your home. Better yet, you won't have to juggle your connection between your main network and a separate extension network like you will with a simple range extender -- the mesh router will automatically route your connection accordingly within a single network.

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