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How to Weather the Great Resignation

Create an internal brand in which your employees believe

Two years into the COVID era, many of us are tired of living through uncertainty. One way we're dealing with that is by rethinking and redefining our work lives. This has led to the so-called Great Resignation: a phrase coined to describe the record high rates of employees who left their job during the fall of 2021. As a result, we’re witnessing one of the biggest cross-industry talent shortages in at least a decade.

Moving into 2022, business leaders may be tempted to hope that the worst has come and gone. But our relationship with work has fundamentally changed, and it’s hard to see things going back to how they were before. In fact, as anxieties around the pandemic continue to wane, it’s likely that even more people will start to reexamine their relationship with their employer.

This leaves businesses with a stark question to answer. How do they become the “winners” of the Great Resignation—the kind of organization people choose to stick with, instead of leaving behind?

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