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Better, Not More

The new rules of content marketing

In the past, associations often had a stated goal to produce a lot of content—but there's now evidence that members aren't seeing much of it. A recent report from PAN Communications finds that consumers are engaging with only one to five pieces of branded content per month … but many organizations are producing 16 or more pieces monthly. What's an association to do?

According to Hilary Marsh, founder of Content Company and a digital strategist focused on associations and nonprofits, there's a risk in flooding your content streams with too much information.

“The more we send, the more we create, the less individual things people can consume,” she said. “It’s sort of like the Marie Kondo approach to content. So when there’s too much, you can’t even absorb what’s there. You can’t take it in. You can’t remember it, and certainly you can’t use it.”

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