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A Strategy to Empower Your Team and Cultivate Success in Uncertain Times

How associations are looking to strengthen their teams

While times of stress and uncertainty create hardship, they can also be opportunities for finding clarity and for gaining new appreciation of the people, systems, and relationships that helped to keep your association afloat. With new clarity comes new opportunities to make team members partners in your association’s success. However, for this to happen, you must offer them information. Consider these six steps.

Revisit Your “Why”

Gather up your team members and revisit your “why” (based on Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why and his TEDx talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”). How did recent events allow you to bring your “why” to life? Where did you come up short in your vision?

Revisiting your association’s “why” and connecting with your teams is a great reset in times of flux. For example, let’s say your association exists to support its members by providing the necessary training to remain competitive in the marketplace. Are you on track?

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