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A Procrastinator’s Guide to Super Last-minute Gift Ideas (and Excuses)

If your Christmas tree's missing a present, these gifts will keep you on the nice list

Somehow, it is almost 2022—and you haven't finished your holiday shopping. It's OK, you're not alone. Whether you forgot to pick something up, or you succumbed to choice paralysis and waited too long, there's still hope. If you're in a crunch, these gifts can be delivered in minutes. The good thing is, with supply chain issues affecting both stock and shipping times, intangible gifts won't be seen as a last-ditch effort this year. 

We also have a guide to the Best Digital Gifts and Subscriptions.

Give that a read for even more ideas. If shipping delays don't scare you, check out our many other gift guides or buying guides, including Great Gifts Under $25, Gifts for a Good Night's Sleep and Gifts for Remote Workers.

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