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Improve Your Workplace Culture via Product-development Principles

Tech products evolve to help us operate more efficiently

Although Pantheon and fusionSpan were used to thinking with a tech-first mindset with their customers when working on digital strategy and other technology implementation, the two tech companies decided to apply that same mindset to their organizational culture to be sure they were creating the best work environment for staff. During a recent session at ASAE’s Technology Exploration Conference, leaders from both organizations spoke about how product-development principles can also be used to improve workplace culture.

“When you think about a chair, it really can’t evolve once it’s out into the world,” said Rhoni Rakos, director of user experience at Pantheon. “If it’s a little bit too tall or a little bit too wide, then you’re stuck with what you got until the next chair comes out. Tech products aren’t like that. We can continually improve them on an ongoing basis. They keep evolving.”

Rakos said tech products evolve in a four-step process where those making the tech: figure out who the user is to help ensure the product works for them, use data to drive decision-making, continuously improve the product through updates and patches and deliver value by figuring out the most-used product features and focusing on those.

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