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Incoming Ohio School Board Association Presidents Look to the Future

They are also looking away from controversies

The Ohio education scene is attempting to move on from different hot-button issues, like the use of racial history as a fire-starter in board meetings, and push further on how funding should be spread among districts.

School boards across the state have had to listen to a very recent conservative political movement that claims, by conflating a theory taught in law schools with elementary school education, that teachers and school districts are teaching racial issues in a way that makes white students uncomfortable. It further falsely claims the use of Marxist ideologies in elementary education. The Ohio legislature currently has two bills from Republican sponsors seeking to regulate curricula regarding race and so-called “divisive” subjects.

The two people coming in to lead the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) are taking their histories and the histories of their communities along with them as they look to the future of education in the state. They hope to create a landscape that avoids political controversies and moves forward with getting student learning back to normal post-pandemic, with proper funding from the state.

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