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COVID-19 Stress May Affect Your Physical Well-being

Here are some signs you may be feeling stress

COVID-19 has touched all corners of the world -- and fear, anxiety, and grief have followed in its wake. The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health and well-being of many, due to the climbing death toll, the social isolation, the constant internal monologue for some asking "do I have the virus?" and more, experts say.

Mental and physical health are intertwined and sometimes stress can manifest itself physically, according to experts. So if you're having migraines, have missed a period, lost hair, or had other irregularities in your daily life, it may be due to pandemic stress, they said.

"Think about it like erosion," said Craig Sawchuk, a psychologist at the Mayo Clinic, in an interview. "It just leads to wear and tear across time."

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