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Preserve Your Staff's Passion in 2022

The pandemic is taking a toll on them

A new year is an opportunity to start fresh, but there’s no question that we're still bringing a lot of uncertainty with us into 2022. As public-health experts, political leaders, and individuals do their best to contain another spike in COVID-19 cases, many institutions and venues are closing again until the big wave passes. It may or may not be the last. 

It's also clear that the two-year pandemic has taken a toll on your staff’s well-being, regardless of how they’ve been personally affected by the virus. According to the latest edition of Salesforce's Nonprofit Trends Report, nearly a third (32 percent) of nonprofits cited “ensuring the mental health and well-being of their employees” as a major concern. One likely reason for that is the new pressure staff has been under to adjust their work lives during the pandemic. After all, the previous year's Nonprofit Trends Report focused almost exclusively on digital transformation efforts.

That retooling would explain why C-suite leaders have been as susceptible to pandemic-era stress as anybody else; the report notes that “C-suite turnover at U.S. nonprofits is at an unprecedented pace.” The good news is that organizations seem to have recognized the seriousness of the problem and adapted: 76 percent of respondents said that their nonprofit provides “support services to help with mental health and well-being,” with substantial commitments among U.S. nonprofits to stress-relief education (68 percent) and promoting overall health (70 percent).

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