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Overcome Future Challenges via Targeted Strategies

Great strategies drive real purpose and decision-making

The word “strategy” has come to mean anything in an organization that is important. But great strategies drive real purpose and decision-making. Define one that is meaningful, and you can guide real-time choice-making across your organization. 

Strategy, unfortunately, has come to mean just about anything that those in an organization deem to be important. Thus, we have strategic human resources, strategic finance and Lordy, even strategic procurement! When things aren’t predictable, solid strategies are essential – they help provide guidelines and act as guardrails. When well crafted, they get you past the frozen-in-the-headlights reaction many have to uncertainty.

From the military to the corner office

Strategy started as a concept in military thinking. As Patrick Marren, writing in The Journal of Business Strategyobserves: “The word “strategy” comes from the Greek “strategeia”, which means “generalship”. The Greek word for “general” is “strategos”, which in turn comes from “stratos”, “army”, and the verb “ago”, which means “to lead”.” Literally translated, the term means ‘army-leading.’

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