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Empower Your Team By Coaching Instead of Directing

Empowerment is an ongoing process of learning and development

Empowerment is an ongoing process of learning and development for your employees. As a leader, you must create the conditions that allow this to happen, which requires a shift in mindset from thinking like a manager to thinking like a coach.

A manager usually delegates tasks, leads meetings, collects input, makes strategic decisions, and more. These are necessary, but a heavy-handed management style can stifle employees’ development. They will become so accustomed to having you provide road maps or scheduling every aspect of their day that they will have a hard time thinking creatively on their own.

Instead of micromanaging your employees, empower them by providing clear direction and guidance on priorities. Set goals that align with company objectives, gain an understanding of their challenges, and enable them to work it out on their own. Be available to answer their questions but give them the space to make decisions. That gives them the opportunity to practice on their own and make mistakes—and learn from them—so they can grow.

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