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Professional Membership Tip: A Website Secret Shopper

Never forget: The user experience is paramount

Successful websites are not based on analytics alone. The user experience is paramount, regardless of demographics. “Everybody wants to have a good experience on a website,” said Jay Daughtry, chief communications officer and owner of CQbd, a consulting firm. Certain aspects of a website will cause people to get frustrated, shut down, or look somewhere else for information. Not good.

What if you could have a “secret shopper,” a third-party observer, who has login credentials and can interact with the site and staff as a member, to glean invaluable insights about what’s working and—more importantly—what’s not? Objectivity is key.

How Does It Work?

Daughtry, who calls this an “undercover member experience,” looks at everything from a shopping cart experience, to signing up for a webinar, to links that lead to out-of-date information.

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