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Attendees Loved Your Event

But how did your speaker feel?

You know about preparing speakers for association gatherings. And it’s customary to get event feedback from attendees and sponsors. But some organizations may not think to gauge how their speakers felt about their events. Associations that don’t seek speaker feedback are missing a chance to better connect speakers with their audience in the future — and they won’t know if speakers are getting the support they need from attendees and event hosts, argues Kara Dao, chief operating officer at JDC Events.

"It's about getting quality speakers to return, but it's also about serving the community at large in terms of engagement," she said. "There needs to be an overarching connection between speaker and members. A speaker can't engage well if they don’t have an audience that’s engaging back."

Consider these tips from Dao to put together a speaker survey that provides actionable information.

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