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How to Use Google Chrome's Enhanced Safety Mode

Warning: you're giving Google a lot more data about you

As soon as you you dip a virtual toe in the online waters, you're exposing yourself to danger, whether from suspicious links, dodgy downloads, data harvesters, or something else. The good news is that our web browsers have evolved to become more secure and savvy.

If Google Chrome is your browser of choice, you have access to an Enhanced Safe Browsing mode, which you might not be aware of: It's essentially what it sounds like, an extra layer of protection that you're able to switch on if you want to be as cautious as possible.

Why wouldn't it be on by default? Well, when it's on, you'll share more data with Google about where you go and what you do online—data that Google says is only kept temporarily before being anonymized, but you can't be blamed for feeling like you've already given Google enough data as it is.

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