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Coda’s New Features Challenge Microsoft Word and Google Docs

It's introducing more familiar editing features

Coda is hoping to lure in more Microsoft Word and Google Docs users with a major revamp of its document editor.

With Coda, users can create free-flowing pages full of tables, planning boards, and other interactive elements, but that complexity has sometimes hindered the core editing experience. The overhaul lets users more easily select text from across an entire document, drag elements around the page or into a dual-column view, and edit the same part of a document that a team member is already working on without conflicts.

At the same time, Coda is taking a major step toward its vision of making documents feel more like apps. Users can now create “Packs” that tie into third-party services—for instance, with a page that updates Shopify listings remotely or automates sending Slack messages—and can sell those Packs to other users. Coda will offer a marketplace in which Packs creators keep 70 percent of the revenue, and creators who bring in new Coda customers will keep 20 percent of any revenue generated in the customer's first year.

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