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How to Cut Ties Gracefully When Remote Layoffs Are Inevitable

Remote terminations can feel especially isolating

For employees, losing a job can be a traumatic event. And for a leader, cutting someone from your team comes with its own kind of pain. Still, for any number of reasons, layoffs may be a hard but necessary move. Over the past two years, more and more companies have had to navigate this decision in a newly remote landscape, which can make an already challenging process even more difficult.

Handle it poorly and you're liable not only to upset laid-off employees, but also generate fear and anxiety amongst your remaining workforce. And the result, especially for larger companies, may take a toll on the public perception of your brand. Take Peloton's recent layoff of 2,800 employees: According to screenshots acquired by Business Insider, employees witnessed colleagues disappear from Slack before they received the company's statement on the terminations. CEO Vishal Garg also made headlines in December after tactlessly cutting 900 employees on Zoom.

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