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Why Happiness Is a Leadership Asset

Research shows optimistic workers improve organizations

Organizations thrive when their employees are happy, research shows. So now all you have to do is make sure your people are happy.

Of course, that’s a tough trick in any situation. Job satisfaction is a function of a variety of factors, not all of which a leader has control over, or may want to institute. (For instance, raises aren’t always in the budget, and they often have limited impact.) But happiness in the workplace has been even harder to find since the pandemic started. A report in the New York Times Magazine about the state of workplace ennui that’s in part driving the Great Resignation notes that 25 million people left their jobs in the second half of last year, a record.

And the General Social Survey, which tracks the American mood, finds us in a happiness deficit. As Noreen Malone writes in the Times magazine story: “Since the pandemic began, Americans’ happiness has cratered.… For the first time since the survey began, more people say they’re not too happy than say they’re very happy.”

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