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The Best Unlimited Phone Plan

WIRED breaks it down for you

"Unlimited" is a funny term, because it often comes with a whole long list of footnotes, terms, conditions and exceptions. Mercifully, all of the Big Three cellular companies have, by now, ditched throttling on their highest-paid tiers and include 5G data access in all their unlimited plans. Yet, there are still many differences in the services they offer, and from tier to tier within each company.

Cheaper “unlimited” tiers, too, still have rules on how much unlimited data you get before they start limiting you. Data throttling is the practice of reducing your data speeds after you hit a certain threshold of data used in a month or during times of congestion. It's been a fixture of cell service plans for years—even on so-called unlimited plans.

Below, we've highlighted what each of the major carriers offers for “unlimited” individual and family plans to help you figure out which unlimited plan is best for you, and your budget. Check out our guide to cheap phone plans if you don't want unlimited data.

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