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Freezing the Clock:

Nationwide push for permanent daylight saving time gains momentum

The more Maryland Del. Brian M. Crosby let himself consider the groggy, discombobulated misery of adjusting to daylight saving time, the more ridiculous it seemed.

“Frankly, I always hated changing my clock,” he said. “If you sit down and think about it, I bet you do, too. Why do we do this? Do you have kids? Do you like getting your kids up early?”

And so Crosby (D-St. Mary’s) steered Maryland into a nationwide debate that — in just four years — spread to Congress and legislatures in 41 of the 48 states that observe daylight saving time. This month, Crosby won over the state’s House of Delegates, which voted to permanently shift daytime so that an extra hour of sunlight lands in the afternoon year-round — pending congressional approval.

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