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Don’t Lose Your Best Employees

Ask these questions

The Great Resignation trend surges on. Employees in record numbers are resigning from their jobs - even without safety precautions like new jobs or savings to keep them afloat. This behavior makes one thing clear: Employees are no longer settling for unsatisfying work conditions. And many of them may be on the verge. So, what can employers do to keep their most talented people from leaving?

Increase Communication, Pronto
With all the turmoil brought by the pandemic, the increase in remote work, and more turnover than usual, now is not the time to stay silent. Managers shouldn’t ignore the Great Resignation and hope it goes away; they should use it as a springboard for insightful conversations with employees, especially top talent.

Don’t Just Ask Questions About the Business
Business-related questions are great; but in these times, you want to focus some of your conversations on your employees. Plus, drawing out more personal information from employees about passions and dreams may lead you to uncover a skillset that actually does benefit your business. Maybe an employee has a creative side, and they can get more involved in design. Maybe it’s community service, and they could begin to spearhead volunteer efforts.

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