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Level Up Your Virtual Mentorship Experience

Here are ways to maximize virtual mentorship success

As many of your staff and members continue to work virtually, it’s important for associations to consider how to enhance relationship-building through online mentorship programs. A look at ways to maximize virtual mentorship success for both mentors and mentees.

It's an indisputable fact that some of the things that used to be key to workplace success—face-time at company gatherings, exchanging ideas around the water cooler, that one-on-one lunch with the boss—have faded into the background. But as we moved forward into a new era of the workplace, there was one tool for success we were determined not to give up on, both for ourselves and for our members: mentorship.

As professional membership experts, believers in lifelong mentorship, and champions of member success at the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), we looked for and created new ways to enable and even enhance mentorship relationship-building in a more digital environment. Here’s how you can do it too—whether you’re an association leader, a mentor or a mentee.

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