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Content Hub Boosts Member Retention

Use it to better engage your members

In 2017, the Urban Land Institute started to delve into the key drivers of membership and how it could translate those into tangible benefits and ensure it was delivering on the value proposition its members wanted. Through benchmarking surveys and other assessments, members revealed that the main reasons they joined ULI were for networking (95 percent) and access to content (85 percent).

Knowing that access to content was such a priority for members presented the group with an opportunity, said Carolyn Brennan, ULI’s vice president of member engagement. Even though ULI has more than 2,000 events taking place worldwide each year, the content presented at each had a short shelf life, as it was only available live to face-to-face attendees.

“It was a moment in time, and if you weren’t there, it wasn’t captured in a more systematic way,” Brennan said.

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