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If Need a Cheap Laptop, These Are WIRED's Favorites

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good notebook

Computers have put people on the moon and sent cute robots to Mars. You'd think somewhere in the miraculous technological utopia of our age, we'd also be able to get a decent laptop without spending a fortune.

All I want is something portable enough that I don't get back strain from toting it around all day, and powerful enough to get some basic work done. A light, fast-enough laptop for under $700—is that so much to ask? Fortunately, it is possible, but there are some trade-offs. You can't edit videos or play hardcore games on these machines. The displays won't be as sharp as more expensive models. But we've tested a ton of cheap laptops, and for everyday tasks, these machines will do everything you ask of them—and leave some money in your bank account. 

Keep an eye on the OS of the machine; most of these still come with Windows 10, but some offer a free upgrade to Windows 11. Also, check out our other buying guides, including the Best Laptops and Best MacBooks.

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