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Gather More Meaning From Your Member Surveys

Two analytics experts offer their tips for crafting a better survey

Collecting member data from surveys is a no-brainer—and not in a good way. A little thought, preparation, and strategy go a long way toward gathering meaningful information that can be effectively leveraged to increase engagement and significantly improve the member experience.

An Associations Analytics webinar from last fall, “How to Get Actionable Data From Surveys,” delved into ways to improve member surveys. I followed up with the hosts—Bill Conforti, senior vice president of strategy and solutions, and Greg Pollack, vice president of sales—to learn more.

In many cases, membership teams don’t spend enough time and effort thinking about why they are conducting a survey and what business goals they hope to accomplish. Too often, they ask the same questions every year, update a few, remove some and then send the survey out again in a compartmentalized way, without taking into consideration how answers to the questions could be integrated throughout the association.

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